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PC-Encrypt is a comprehensive application intended to protect files and folders
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PC-Encrypt is a comprehensive application intended to protect files and folders. An easy-to-use interface will facilitate the operation of this software. Everything you can do with this software is included in the welcome menu. The basic operations are encrypting or decrypting files and folders. The program will use a highly secure algorithm to protect your files from intruders. To access an encrypted element, you will have to provide a previously set password, which in this program’s version for the United States may be 56 characters long. In addition, you will be able to permanently and securely delete a given file or folder. All the above processes support batch operations by creating a list of the files and folders you want to perform the procedures to.
There are other programs that offers similar advantages but PC-Encrypt goes beyond that by providing exceptional features. You will be able to create the so-called one-way files. These are necessary when you need to send an encrypted file to someone who does not have PC-Encrypt. Instead of a regular encrypted file, this program creates a self-extracting file. This works very similarly to self-extracting archive files. However, the recipient must know the password to open it. Another advantage is the capability to send encrypted email attachments, which is available right from your email client. Then, to make sure the recipient gets the password, you can use Key-Exchange a system that will allow you to transfer passwords to other PC-Encrypt users. Finally, there is the Password Book to store all the names and the corresponding password, and of course, this book is also encrypted and password-protected.
To sum up, PC-Encrypt is an advantageous application. Luckily, the trial version is fully functional and with no time restrictions, its only limitation is on password length, which is restricted to six characters long.

Pedro Castro
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  • It provides very secure protection
  • It supports long passwords
  • It creates self-extracting files
  • It allows sending encrypted attachments easily
  • It provides a system for password sharing
  • The trial version is very complete


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